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LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Business You may have been blown away by the LinkedIn statistics and

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

You may have been blown away by the LinkedIn statistics and they may have convinced you that LinkedIn is the way to go, but you’re wondering how to use LinkedIn to promote your business.

The answer: LinkedIn Marketing

What is LinkedIn Marketing, you ask? It’s the process of using LinkedIn’s social platform to make connections, increase brand awareness, generate leads and sales, grow your brand, foster business relationships, boost website traffic, and drive traffic to your marketing campaigns.

Getting Started with LinkedIn Marketing for Business

It doesn’t take much to get started on LinkedIn. Follow these simple steps to get your LinkedIn Marketing off the ground:

1. Create your LinkedIn profile.

Your profile must showcase your skills, experience, and expertise.

2. Create a LinkedIn page for your business.

People who check your LinkedIn profile are likely to check your business page. Make sure to add the company website URL, company description, and important information about the company in bite-sized, easily digestible form.

3. Create valuable content that’s relevant to your audience.

The content you create must be in-sync with your marketing goals. If you know what you want to achieve, you’ll have an idea on what to write, what to share, and who to share the content with.

Here are examples of general marketing goals you might want to pursue:

· Generate high-quality sales leads

· Build brand awareness

· Drive traffic to an event or an offer

· Establish your reputation as an industry expert

· Connect and engage with top brands and companies

· Reach a specific local audience

Whatever goal you choose, it’s important to understand your audience so that every interaction with them keeps them engaged and interested. If your content sustains their interest, it can increase their purchase intent down the road.

Boost Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn Marketing doesn’t stop with just sharing your content and hoping that potential clients will connect with you. You also have to utilize LinkedIn’s marketing tools like LinkedIn Ads and Sales Navigator to home in on your target audience, engage them, and compel them to respond to a call-to-action (e.g., buy, sign up, or attend an event, subscribe, etc.).

What’s more, you need to track the performance of your LinkedIn marketing campaigns and measure their impact. With data insights, you’ll know what’s working and what’s not, so you can make adjustments and corrections until you find the optimal solution.

If you need help in navigating advanced LinkedIn Marketing tools, KKMS DIGITAL is ready to walk you through the process and offer you solutions to help boost your LinkedIn business profile and achieve your lofty goals.

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