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10 Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Updated: May 2, 2021

The business space is getting crowded by the day as more players get in. The ones that plan to stick around for a long time invest in marketing campaigns. It’s non-negotiable. Some brands still do traditional marketing, but the great majority use digital marketing such as email marketing, website, blog, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Facebook is the most common medium for digital marketing

How so?

At the moment, Facebook is the most populated social media platform in the world. It currently plays host to over 2.7 billion active users on a monthly basis. Over the years it has quickly become one of the most important marketing platforms on earth. It has since expanded its advertising network to cater to a broad range of businesses.

For businesses in this new and increasingly digital world, Facebook advertising offers an indispensable marketing service. For businesses that use it, they experience massive never-seen-before returns. If you’re yet to get on board, now is the time to check it out. Just before you do, below is a list of benefits awaiting you.

But before we dig in, please take note that the Facebook advertising I refer to in this article is not the “Boost” one. Instead, I’m talking about the one where you use to execute highly targeted ads for your business.

Now that we’re clear, let’s begin.

How Facebook ads can help your business

The following are the benefits of investing in Facebook advertising for your business:

1. It’s better than other social media ads

Facebook is the most effective social medial platform for marketing, but you can’t rely on organic posts.

Here’s why:

If you run a business page on Facebook, only a tiny fraction of your followers will get to see your posts. The reason for this is because Facebook’s algorithm is designed to limit the visibility of business posts in users’ timelines while prioritizing personal (friends and family) posts. This is consistent with the business values of connecting people.

So, if you are going to use Facebook for marketing (and you should), you must run ads in order to effectively reach your prospective customers. And once you do it properly, no other social media platforms can match it in terms of efficiency.

2. Facebook ad has a wide reach

Facebook is the social media platform with the highest number of active users. 80% of all internet users are said to use Facebook and most of them visit their page multiple times a day.

So, when you run your Facebook ads, you are essentially taking your business to meet your prospective customer in the place they spend most of their time. In the short and long run, the effect will be tremendous.

Access to one of the largest audiences in the world.

3. It offers the most effective target advertising

It’s one thing to run an ad, but it’s quite another thing for it to get to the exact people it was intended for. Digital marketing mediums do this now. Among them, Facebook is the most effective. Facebook advertising can be crafted to reach your intended audience. This can be based on age, interests, behavior, as well as location.

With this feature, you can multiply your marketing effort and hence the returns.

4. It encourages engagement

Facebook advertising helps to both build and improve engagement with your target audience. Engagement here means comments, likes, and general interaction. The more people interact with your business post, the more connections they get with your brand. And the more likely they will convert. This often encourages loyalty in customers and ultimately satisfaction.

An investment in Facebook ads is a direct investment into customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. Loyal, satisfied customers make some of the most effective promoters of your business.

5. Facebook advertising gives you a fighting chance with larger businesses

It's common, especially when traditional advertising reigned, for big businesses to come to town and the small ones in the same niche will soon start to fold up. But that has changed in the last few years. Digital marketing and notably Facebook now offers small and medium-sized business often with limited resources a leveled playing field to favorably compete.

Since no one has direct control over digital marketing costs, competition with larger businesses becomes relatively fair. As long as your Facebook ads are relevant and effective, your business will perform well.

6. It integrates effectively with mobile phones

Experts have projected that the future of online business is mobile.

Currently, nearly 50 percent of internet users are mobile. More than 94 percent of Facebook users access their page from a mobile app. With the number of monthly active users, this effectively makes Facebook the social media platform with the largest mobile application users.

It follows that you're more likely to reach mobile users when you invest in Facebook advertising. What better way to reach your prospective customers than on the mobile phones they use every time?

7. It gives really fast results

Facebook advertising is ideal for businesses looking for a quick turnaround. As soon as your ads are reviewed and approved (usually within 24 hours) by Facebook, they go live and start work immediately. Sales will start to come in within a couple of days at least.

This makes them suitable for both short- and long-term digital marketing strategies.

8. Facebook advertising has the highest ROAS

Among all the social medial marketing platforms, Facebook has the highest ROAS. ROAS is an acronym for Return on Ads Spend. 41 percent of marketers surveyed by Statisa agreed that Facebook advertising gave them their best ROAS.

As of 2021, Facebook advertising performs when better than Google Shopping and Google PPC. It's the easy and fast way to increase business leads, sales, and revenue.

9. There's a Facebook ad type for your business needs

No matter what your business is, there's a perfect ad type for it among the wide range on Facebook Ad Manager. Some examples include photos, videos, stories, Messenger, carousel (slide), slideshow, collections, playable, etc. Unlike search engine pay-per-click (PPC), you're not limited to certain ad types.

It also helps to better construct ads for your specific business goal. From brand awareness to leads conversions.

10. It grants access to useful data

Facebook Ads Manager exposes businesses to a broad range of performance insight and aggregate data. All the ads you create gets measure through Facebook advertising as tools. You get the idea about what's working, what needs improvement, and what needs changing.

Your Facebook Ads Manager will allow you to see things like audience gender, age, locations, devices, ads types, user actions, to mention only a few. This will help you make better decisions going forward.


Digital marketing is here to stay and Facebook is leading the charge. If you run a business, now is the time to take advantage of the unique opportunity that Facebook advertising presents.

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